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Malik Group is founded by the House of Doctors who are Specialists in various Medical Fields. We Practice an in-built element of functional correction to improve ones appearance. With our Innovative Techniques, we effortlessly cruise from repairing a baby's cleft to fixing a fractured face. With our state of art technologies like Vaser Liposuction for body contouring, Ultrapulse Fractional Laser for facial contouring, we are one of the leading Centers of Excellence in the field of Aesthetic Surgery.

Some of our Aesthetic Surgeries eg Breast Reduction Surgery, Tummy Tuck and Eyelid Lift, Nose Reshaping, Facial Implants, Lip Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Breast Enlargement/Breast Implants, Injectable Wrinkle fillers,

Face Lift/ Rhytidectomy, Rhinoplasty, Vaginoplasty, Flap Surgery, Dermal Fillers, Arm Lift, Buttock Augmentation, Hair Restoration Surgery, Hair Transplant, Thigh/Buttock Lift, Brow Lift/Forehead Lift, Eyelid Surgery and Post Bariatric Body contouring, enhances a person's overall appearance. Bariatric/ Obesity / weight loss surgery is a treatment option for patients suffering with morbid obesity. It is considered to be the most effective treatment for obesity in terms of maintenance of long-term weight loss. Moreover, it causes significant improvement in obesity-related comorbid conditions like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pains, sleeping disorders like sleep apnea, heart diseases, infertility issues and more. Bariatric surgery is performed using Laparoscopic technique (Keyhole surgery- minimally invasive) and most of the patients are walking around on the same day of the surgery.

Dr Vimal Malik, who has over 40 years of experience in the field of Surgery, also performs other General Surgeries that focuses primarily on dealing with abdominal contents like stomach, colon, gall bladder, esophagus, liver, bile ducts, and pancreas. General surgery can also treat diseases that involve breast, skin, hernias, trauma and vascular surgery. Most importantly, Dr Malik has experience and specialized knowledge pertaining to pre-operative, post-operative management, as well as the ability to deal with any surgical emergency.

ELEGANZA SKIN & COSMETIC SURGERY CLINIC, offers treatment for all skin, hair, nails and related diseases. We provide services ranging from surgical, cosmetic and paediatric dermatology. We are also specialized in treating common as well as advanced dermatology disorders like acne, moles, psoriasis, hair loss, sexually transmitted diseases, pemphigus etc. We also offer medical treatment for hair restoration, and hair transplant procedure. We offer a holistic care approach to patients seeking treatment for a glowing skin.

ELEGANZA Health and wellness coaching enables you to understand the importance of social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of health. It essentially creates a self-directive roadmap driven by intrinsic motivation to improve your quality of life. You can expect to get a personalized movement plan, and learn about nutritional habits. For your overall health improvement, it is important to understand your relationship with food- what you eat, how you eat, and who you eat with. Our coaching will give you a broader understanding of fitness, obesity, cholesterol, and cardio-vascular health, which will help you to create a personalized exercise progression plan for greater flexibility, endurance and strength.

The father of Western medicine, Hippocrates, believed health was achieved via balance of mind, body and environment. It is true that our thoughts and emotions play a critical role in all aspects of our health. This means that by taking care of our psychological well being, we will be able to prevent medical illness or speed our recovery when we are sick. Health and Wellness coaching will facilitate you to connect with your inner self and explore various dimensions of wellness. Your coach at ELEGANZA, will assist you to create a roadmap that is self-directive and driven by intrinsic motivation to make lifestyle behavioral changes for having a better quality of life.

For the last over 15 years, the Malik Group has grown from state of the art Diagnostic Centre (Seema Diagnostics) to a speciality Hospital (Malik Hospital) to Multiple Centers of Excellence in Beauty, Skin & Cosmetic Surgery ie ELEGANZA. The Doctors family didn't rest and stop here and with their vast experience and well researched findings, through thousands of highly satified customers all these years, some excellent products in the Beauty and Skin Care are launched by the brand name ELEGANTE. These products uptill now, had been kept as a closely guarded secret in the various Centers of ELEGANZA, where these were used for our internal customers only. However on great demand from our customers, these are just launched in the market for the benefit of masses at large. To name a few ELEGANTE Products we have Acne Away(Fight Against Acne), Fat Off Oil (Improves Skin Tone), Fresh Skin Scrub (Removes Dead Cells from Upper Layer), Hair Build Oil (Enhances Hair Growth), Instant Glow Pack (Gives the face a Glittering Glow), Skin Whitening Cream (Enhances Fairness), SPF 30, Ultra Face Wash & Under Eye Lightening Cream.

Keeping its objective to serve the comminities at large, The Malik Group is having some more projects in Education & Training at hand, which are also related to the medical fraternity.

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