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Hair Integration and Wefts
Hair Integration and Wefts
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Hair integration is a non-surgical procedure which involves blending your existing hair with real hair that is attached to a custom-made 'unit'. This unit, made of ultra-fine, soft mesh and shaped to fit you, is cleverly and discreetly secured to your head. Premium quality real hair is used which is colour-matched as desired. Your own natural hair is then blended with the unit hair to create a full head of great looking hair! Our highly-skilled hair consultants are trained to create the most natural-looking hair integration systems possible. Customers can choose from a variety of hair types, unit materials and colours. Hair integration is an excellent hair replacement solution for those with thinning hair or patchy hair loss. Many individuals who still have some of their own hair benefit from this type of system and prefer it to wearing a full coverage piece. Hair integration is a popular choice for many because the result - a full head of hair - is immediate.But in fact they do not understand this procedure at all and are not aware of its many advantages over other methods.Hair Integration is the art of integrating human hair with your own hair to give you the most natural full head of hair. There is nothing that you can't do with these hair. Proudly claimed swimming, sports, riding a motorbike & other physical activities. The biggest advantage of this procedure is the density and number of hair it can offer. If you are looking to reverse the clock and look 10-20 years younger, this is the procedure for you. You would be surprised to know the number of clients that swear by this method of hair restoration and you would not believe us if we were to claim that most of your favourite celebrities have undergone this procedure, The advantages of this procedure are enormous if done right-

Offers an unmatchable density of hair- No other procedure can give you the density of hair that hair replacement can. (Check out some of our results) Non Surgical Procedure- In case you are scared of going under the knife, this is the procedure for you. Quickest way to get hair- 2 hours. That's all it takes for you to go from Bald to Bold. Affordability- Never think you cannot afford to get your hair back without going over this procedure. If money is the deal breaker for you. This might be the procedure for you.

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Hair Integration and Wefts
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