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Dr Saurabh Malik

Dr Saurabh Malik
Dr Saurabh Malik
(Executive Director ELEGANZA)
Dr Saurabh Malik is the executive director of Eleganza Skin and cosmetic surgery and director of Malik group, the parent company of Eleganza. Under the guidance of his parents DR VS Malik and Dr Saurabh Malik, Dr Saurabh has been driving the company to newer heights by following the vision of bringing the best and latest to the Indian consumer. Now Eleganza also markets to foreign clients and has setup partnerships with various Medical Tourism departments to be able to cater to the ever-growing needs in the field of Aesthetics in todays world. He is a member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and likes to keep abreast with the latest developments in treatments. Dr Saurabh Malik is also a trained actor, director, writer, filmmaker and theatre artist. He made his acting debut with 'Ab hoga dharna unlimited', a critically acclaimed political satire. In accordance to the message that he tries to perpetuate through his works as a film-maker, actor and theatre artist, Saurabh in real life has always been actively involved with many social causes and is a firm believer in 'giving back' to the society. "Mirchi Jhonk" a social program run by his organisation, works towards women empowerment by holding self-defence programs, distributing pepper sprays and spreading social awareness through media campaigns since 2011.

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