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Dr Vimal Malik

Dr Vimal Malik
Dr Vimal S Malik
(Director and Head of Department (Cosmetic Surgery) - ELEGANZA)
Dr Vimal Malik symbolizes professionalism. As the chairman of Malik group, he has always strived for new heights and excellence for all the groups establishment. Dr Malik is the head of the Cosmetic Surgery Division of Eleganza and is also a member of the American academy of Cosmetic Surgery. With a backing of years of experience and a team comprising of the best doctors of the city, he leads one of the finest cosmetic surgery Departments of the country. He is the inspiration and the craftsman behind the company's ideology of always being the first to get the latest technologies of the world closer home to the consumer. A perfectionist by nature, he has excelled immensely in his field and that incidentally happens to be his biggest passion. His techniques have been published world wide and thousands of students are practicing and benefitting from them all over the world. All this and more has not changed him as a person, he is humble, soft-spoken, down to earth and affectionate to his patients.

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Corporate Office :6 Avtar Enclave Paschim Vihar, New Delhi - 110063





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